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Types of Submissions

An aim of this conference is to foster constructive exploration of ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration. Accordingly, we welcome contributions from all who see a place for their work and concerns within our theme: researchers, scientists, educators, artists, performers, philosophers, innovators, learners, storytellers, professionals, enthusiasts.

We are currently seeking submissions of the following formats for CESTEMER 2017

Share Faire Presentations: A poster, installation, or other alternative format suitable for concurrent presentations in a shared space. We encourage (but do not require) creative use of the allotted time and space, and are happy to consider proposals for nontraditional presentations.

Share Faire Short Talks: A five-minute lightning talk or performance with a liberating constraint (you provide 20 slides, which will auto-advance at a rate of 15 seconds each during the talk).

Submission Format and Instructions

Please complete our submission form. You will be asked to provide a submission proposal (250-500 words), a submission description (less than 150 words), and a short biography of each presenter (less than 100 words)

Share Faire submissions are accepted here.


For more information, contact the CESTEMER program committee at

Policy Regarding Human Subject Research at CESTEMER

As a unique and emergent conference involving arts, education and inquiry, CESTEMER welcomes its community to engage in reasonable and ethical research and assessment projects concerning their own submissions, the conference community, and/or the conference itself.

Participants are encouraged to contact their own institutions’ IRB representatives early about appropriate approval for inquiry involving human subjects. The details of approval vary by institutions, but they are sometimes lengthy and generally must be completed in advance of data collection.

Please notify the Chair of the conference of any research activities involving CESTEMER so we may ensure that they are conducted in a manner consistent with the spirit of the event. We appreciate notification of any eventual results, outcomes, and/or publications.