Program Schedule

Gallery = 11th Floor Gallery
Auditorium = 11th Floor Auditorium
Room 822 = 8th floor room 822
Color Coding:
90 minute session
45 minute session
10 minute talk
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Day 1 – Thursday, June 20th

Registration opens. (Gallery)
Conference Start and Welcome. Holmes & Martinez. (Auditorium)
Host sponsor, Dr. Martinez, and Dr. Holmes welcome and lead all conference attendees in activities that introduce the breadth and depth of this year’s conference attendees and presentations.
Kerby: Using interactive techniques like storyboarding, drawing, and small group feedback to help scientists craft effective presentations (Auditorium)
O’Hara: Engaging Practices: Using Technology to Differentiate and Collaborate (Room 822)
Kerby continued
Quichocho: Integrated Physics Identities of Women of Color and LGBQ+ Physicists (Room 822)
Kerby continued
Lancaster: Ten (mostly) simple things to change the culture of STEM (Room 822)
Kerby continued
Dell: Art in the Lab: Drawing from Science (Room 822)
BREAK (Gallery)

Cheng, Brown, Egües: Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Thematic Models for Integrating the Arts and Sciences
Bright: Performing Research (Room 822)
Cheng, Brown, Egües continued
Gokhale: Changing Millennials’ Attitudes toward IT through Online Discussions (Room 822)
Cheng, Brown, Egües continued
Venkatesh: Finding the write level of engagement: Implementation of Student Presentations at the Board (Room 822)
Cheng, Brown, Egües continued
Hunt: LabX: Science for Society (Room 822)
BREAK (Gallery)

Kroehler: Who, what, when, where, how, and why, why, why? Exercises for distilling your message (Auditorium)
Shockley: Embodied Education: An Experiential Introduction to Movement-Based Learning (Room 822)
Sealfon: Acting Out in Large Lecture Halls (Auditorium)
Ginsberg, Mulhern: Performing Science – Drama in the (Lecture) Theatre (Room 822)
BREAK (Gallery)

Reception (Menu). NYIT Provost. (Auditorium)
Complimentary food, beverages and conversation with all attendees precede and follow the final session of the day.

Holmes, Dukovski, DePace: Communicating and Humanizing Science in Interdisciplinary Research Programs.


Day 2 – Friday, June 21st

Morning Coffee (Menu) (Gallery)

Holmes, Rich: Creating heart in a world of STEM (Auditorium)
Venkatesh: Through Fish Eyes: Increasing Awareness about Marine Ecosystems through classical Indian Dance (Room 822)
Holmes, Rich continued (Auditorium)
Williams: The Intersection of Identity and Performing Arts for Black Physicists (Room 822)
Holmes, Rich continued (Auditorium)
Eshun-Willson: iMCB+: An Inclusion & Diversity Initiative to Empower Underrepresented Graduate Students and their Allies (Room 822)
Holmes, Rich continued (Auditorium)
Zaretsky: Bioart Labs: Live Art, Experimental Protocol, Bioethics and Aesthetics (Room 822)
BREAK (Gallery)

Citron: Ebisu Sign Language Theatre Laboratory: An Ensemble of Deaf Performer-Researchers (Auditorium)
Bardhan, Leary: How Innovative Ideas Transcend through Nurses Telling Stories (Room 822)
Citron continued
DePodwin: It Only Takes One Person to Open the Door (Room 822)
Citron continued
Hyater-Adams: Performing Physics: An Analysis of Design-Based Informal STEAM Education Programs Presentation (Room 822)
Citron continued
Watt, Sealfon: Fake Facts and Courageous Curiosity (Room 822)
GROUP SHARE (Auditorium)
LUNCH (Menu)
Joy: The Chaos Theory of Now: Theatre and Science Together (Auditorium)
Esteves, Everett-Lane: What’s in a Name? How Clearer Definitions Lead to Better Designs (Room 822)
Schedel: Kepler Concordia: Play the Solar System (Auditorium)
Esteves, Everett-Lane continued (Room 822)
BREAK (Gallery)
SHARE FAIR. Presenters share posters, exhibits, demonstrations, short “Lightning” talks, and performances in a setting modeled loosely after a combination of an art fair and a scientific poster session. Conference attendees will be able to participate in several different experiences during this session.
BattorTeaching as a Playworker” | Berman “Movemathics: math meets movement” | Borinskaya “RISE UP: Rutgers INSPIRE mentoring Sessions promote Early Undergraduate Participation in biomedical research” | Coe “Poetry Reading by Terese Coe, including her translations from Jorge Luis Borges, Pierre de Ronsard, and Heinrich Heine” | Freeman “Aaron Freeman’s video interview station” (room1119, all days) | Harwell “Queering Informal STEM Learning: Overview of a participatory approach to investigating the queer visitor experience at informal STEM education institutions” | Hockman “Scientists and Writers: How A University Collaboration (and Beyond) Shows They’re Good Friends” | Holmes, Borinskaya, Shockley, Friedman ” UX Science: Building Learning Ensembles Across Class and Race” | Kroehler, Raun “Communicating Science: An Ethnographic Study” | Kruesel “From Autism (and Vaccines?) to Zebra Mussels: Science Advocacy in a College Communications Course”| Kruesel “Poetic-Scientist or Science-Poet?: A Reading of Poems Inspired by My Previous Life in Biochemistry” | Mages “Lima Beans: Telling a True Personal Science Story” | McCray, dancers “Here in the garden: Using dance to facilitate informal science learning” | Merry “Why Improv Creates Meaning” | Muindi “Stories in Science Gallery” | Murray “The Survivor Experience: Memory, Identity, & Self-Worth” | Myronuk “Isolating Elements: The Scientific Method on Stage” | Prefontaine “Physics and Figure Skating: Supporting the performer and scientist in each of us” | Remis “DIY Solar Cells for Non-Scientists” | Sherr, Diotti, Adebola “The usage of 3D printed models to enhance learning in gateway biology courses” | Solomon “Dancing Physics: Engaging Black Girls in Embodied Learning” | Sumner “Rhizomatic Play Wheel: Linking Your Play Zones & Offers” | Timperman, Schenkel, Bertholf “Science and Art, transforming Students and Changing the World through Study Abroad” | Tobin “Laser”.
GROUP SHARE (Auditorium)
BREAK (Gallery)
Keynote Talk. Pickard & Fu: Eco-Theater: Intersectional Collaboration and New Storytelling in the Age of Climate Change. (Auditorium On Broadway)
Dinner & Fun.
Attendees are free to invite and join one another to explore surrounding NYIT restaurants and attractions.


Day 3 – Saturday, June 22nd

Morning Coffee (Menu) (Gallery)
Plenary talk. Mónica Feliú-Mójer: Finding Myself, Building Communities and Paying It Forward. (Auditorium)
BREAK (Gallery)

Carrijo, El Hage: “Bate-papo com Café”: a conversation café for immigrants in brazilian context (Auditorium)
Gross: Discussing the Whitman Poem “When I heard the Learn’d Astronomer” (Room 822)
Collison, Williams: Science Communication Through the Art of Storytelling (Auditorium)
Gillespie: The Poetry in Science: Creative Writing Workshop for Science Communication (Room 822)
GROUP SHARE (Auditorium)
LUNCH (Menu)
Gentleman: What’s in a name? (Auditorium)
For future conferences we want a “tagline” that could serve as a theme or vision for the conference’s outcomes; i.e. Cultivating Ensembles: Tagline for 2021. To help the organizers capture words of aspiration and appeal for possible wordings, this session will generate ideas and conversation.

Elguera, Thomases: Yes, And: Improvisation, Initiative and the Climate Crisis (Auditorium)
Holzapfel: Generating ideas for cartoons with subject-specific humor used for science education (Room 822)
Gelman: Stage Chemistry: Scale & Ratio (Auditorium)
Davis: RockEDU Online, Design Thinking, & the Importance of Iteration in STEAM. (Room 822)
Gelman continued
Garbarino: #SciOut18: Experimenting with Unconference Formats to Promote Egalitarian Frameworks in the Science Outreach Profession (Room 822)
Gelman continued
Pratt, D’Amour, Spence, Gates-Stuart, Haddock: The Immersive Mesopelagic Performance Lab (Room 822)
BREAK (Gallery)
Hyater-Adams, Quichocho: Exploring the Relationship Between Performance Art and Physics Education Interactive Session (Auditorium)
Woodley: Exploring joy as a product of collaborative work (Room 822)

FINALE. (Auditorium)
The conference “Finale” will be a community created event. All participants will be invited to playfully co-create a work that reflects their conference experience.  These works share what participants learned and drive the creation of the next conference.
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