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Keynote address

Eco-Theater: Intersectional Collaboration and New Storytelling in the Age of Climate Change

Description: Theater is uniquely positioned to offer society a vital space for cultivating hope, exchanging knowledge, and creating new stories that challenge extractive systems and model a regenerative society. Lanxing Fu and Jeremy Pickard will introduce Eco-Theater as a holistic, cross-disciplinary artform that imagines and enacts a just, sustainable future.

Lanxing Fu and Jeremy Pickard, Superhero Clubhouse

Lanxing Fu is a Chinese-American theater artist. She is a Co-Director of Superhero Clubhouse, for which she is the playwright and co-creator of Mammelephant (The New Ohio / HERE Arts Center) the program director of The Living Stage NYC with University Settlement, and a co-creator of PLUTO (no longer a play) and JUPITER (a play about power), which premiered at La MaMa in 2016. She has led and collaborated on interdisciplinary theater projects about contemporary consumerism, globalization, and the environment in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Turkey, and the United States. As a performer: The Space Between The Letters (dir: Eva von Schweinitz; UTR at The Public), some higher glimmer in a landscape of flat (dir: Sarah Hughes, Collapsible Hole), 36 Peaks (dir: Sarah Cameron Sunde, Baryshnikov Arts Center), and Holidays In/Coyote (dir: Jess Chayes, The Tank). Her essays “Building Possibility in the Age of Climate Change” and “The Birth of a Climate Commons” are published on HowlRound.  Lanxing is an alumnus of Virginia Tech and Orchard Project Core Company, and currently works as a Producing Associate with SITI Company.

Jeremy Pickard is the founder and co-director of Superhero Clubhouse, a NYC-based community of artists, scientists, and environmental professionals invested in a long-term experiment to understand how theater can help shift consciousness in the face of global climate change. Jeremy wears many hats including director, producer, playwright, and performer. He is the lead artist of The Planet Plays, a series of nine interconnected stories about people and climate change, and co-creator of other works of eco-theater including Mammelephant, Flying Ace and the Storm of the Century! and Salty Folk: An Oyster Musical. Since 2010 Jeremy has been the Program and Production Director for the annual Big Green Theater eco-playwriting program with The Bushwick Starr. His essays “On Eco-Theater” and “Temporary Communities in the Era of Climate Change” are published by TCG and No Passport, edited by Caridad Svich.

Plenary speaker

Finding Myself, Building Communities and Paying It Forward

Description: As an underrepresented scientist, I haven’t always been able to bring my whole self into STEM spaces. During graduate school, I felt a disconnect between my home community, my cultural identity and my identity as a scientist. In this talk, I will share how I was able to locate myself, embrace my identities and connect with my purpose, and how I combine those experiences with science communication and storytelling to build communities and empower other underrepresented scientists.

Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer, Director of Communications & Science Outreach, Ciencia Puerto Rico | Promoting Science and Research in Puerto Rico. Associate Director of Diversity & Communication Training, iBiology | Bringing the World’s Best Biology to You.

Mónica grew up in rural Puerto Rico, catching lizards and with a cow in her backyard, which sparked her interest in all-things biology. A PhD scientist-turned-communicator, she taps into her professional and cultural backgrounds, and uses storytelling, science communication, and community-building to make science more equitable and inclusive. Through science communication training, Mónica helps underrepresented scientists’ step into the power of their identities and stories to create social impact. She leads communications and outreach for CienciaPR, a global community of more than 10,000 scientists, students, educators, and allies democratizing science, supporting the career development of underrepresented young scientists, and transforming science education and training in Puerto Rico. She also works with the non-profit iBiology, leading science communication trainings and producing “Background to Breakthrough”, a collection of short films highlighting underrepresented scientists and how their backgrounds and perspectives have spurred insights and innovations. Mónica earned her B.S. in Human Biology at the University of Puerto Rico in Bayamón, and her Ph.D. in Neurobiology at Harvard University. You can find her on Twitter: @moefeliu.


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