Call For Participation


Call For Participation

Cultivating Ensembles in STEM
Education and Research
2019 Conference
The Power of Connection: Performance, play, and creativity

How do we build and grow inclusive and creative communities and communications within and around science? How do we influence the conception and spread of these effective ideas and practices?  What is our shared responsibility in developing and defining innovative communities that value the arts, humanities, and science? How do we communicate and foster interactive engagement between existing communities who value science communication and other groups that value the integration of arts, humanities and science to explore the interfaces of various fields?

Cultivating Ensembles in STEM Education and Research (CESTEMER) 2019 Conference is purposefully open to a breadth of interpretations, and we welcome contributions and attendees that are excited about these clusters of questions. We invite participants who would like to share their creative projects to submit proposals, and we welcome all to come and build our community with us! In the past, proposals and attendees have identified as researchers, scientists, educators, science communicators, artists, performers, philosophers, innovators, learners, storytellers, professionals, enthusiasts, and have all seen a place for all of their work in CESTEMER.


Our goal for CESTEMER 2019 is to share and explore how you address these questions. Here are some concepts we are exploring:

  • Connections across multiple disciplines, including integration and communication of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and arts (visual, musical, and performing)
  • Cultural, social, economic and policy changes, including diversity and inclusion, in STEM
  • Effective design and meaningful assessment
  • Emerging trends in teaching, learning, and professional development in STEM
  • Leadership, wellness, and wellbeing in STEM, including helping groups and individuals achieve their potential
  • STEM in non-traditional environments: out of school and informal science

As a community, these are just some of the themes we’re excited about, but there’s room for more. We’re excited to hear your ideas!

Types of Submissions

Submissions for presentations, interactive sessions and workshops for CESTEMER 2019 closed February 3rd, 2019 Submissions for the Share Fair remain open:

  • Presentations (10 min.): A presentation, performance or other format, ten minutes in duration. Each presenter will also participate in a brief moderator-led discussion panel at the end of the presentation session.
  • Interactive Sessions (45 or 90 min.): An interactive presentation, performance, panel, workshop or other format with an interactive component, lasting forty-five or ninety minutes in duration.
  • Pre-conference Professional Development Workshops (1-3 hours): An interactive format lasting one to three hours in duration, with professional development objectives for the participants.
  • Share Fair Presentations: A poster, installation, or other alternative format suitable for concurrent presentations in a shared space. We encourage (but do not require) creative use of the allotted time and space, and are happy to consider proposals for nontraditional presentations.
  • Share Fair Short Talks: A five-minute lightning talk or performance with a liberating constraint (you provide 20 slides, which will auto-advance at a rate of 15 seconds each during the talk).  

If you have a format that does not fit these categories, please contact the organizers with a brief description of your desired format at, and we will consider your request.

We will open proposal submissions this fall.  In the meantime, you can contact us at if you have general questions and follow us @cestemer.

We look forward to seeing you on Broadway!