CESTEMER Speaker Spotlight: Jeanne Garbarino

What makes the CESTEMER community unique are all of the outstanding participants who boldly cross disciplinary lines in their work, while creating and sharing all of the fun that can be along the way. Here we highlight many of these individuals with the CESTEMER Speaker Spotlights Series, where we’ve asked presenters from CESTEMER 17 and CESTEMER 19 to answer a few questions about what excites them about our community and the intersection with their passions.

What drew you to become involved with CESTEMER?

I believe in the power of connection, particularly when it comes to STEM education and outreach. However, the infrastructures that support meaningful connections still need to be built and fortified. Meetings like CESTEMER help to bring together the many players in what can otherwise feel like siloed nodules that make up our STEM Education ecosystem. I am excited to make new connections, learn from others, and share my experiences and lessons learned when trying to break down barriers, and bring people together.

What are you most excited about experiencing CESTEMER in June?

I don’t know what I don’t know. I am really excited about meeting new people, finding new synergies, and having an opportunity to talk about our work with both RockEDU and how we are forging channels to better connect and support the national science outreach landscape.

What are some ways people can get connected to you and your work (i.e. social media, website, etc.)?

You can find me on twitter and insta at @JeanneGarb. RockEDU is also active in these spaces, find us at @RockEDU_.

You can learn about our in person programs through here https://www.rockefeller.edu/outreach/

You can access our growing collection of teaching and science outreach resources here https://rockedu.rockefeller.edu/

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