CESTEMER Speaker Spotlight: Disan Davis

What makes the CESTEMER community unique are all of the outstanding participants who boldly cross disciplinary lines in their work, while creating and sharing all of the fun that can be along the way. Here we highlight many of these individuals with the CESTEMER Speaker Spotlights Series, where we’ve asked presenters from CESTEMER 17 and CESTEMER 19 to answer a few questions about what excites them about our community and the intersection with their passions.

What drew you to become involved with CESTEMER?

CESTEMER seems like a fun group of interdisciplinary participants, where I hope we can have great conversations to share our work and broaden my perspectives through others’ work as well

What are you most excited about experiencing CESTEMER in June?

I’m excited about everything!

What are some ways people can get connected to you and your work?

Check out our new RockEDU Online website: https://rockedu.rockefeller.edu, follow us on twitter/insta @rockedu_ or facebook @rockeduteam, and follow me on twitter/insta @disandavis.

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