CESTEMER Speaker Spotlight: Viviane Carrijo

What makes the CESTEMER community unique are all of the outstanding participants who boldly cross disciplinary lines in their work, while creating and sharing all of the fun that can be along the way. Here we highlight many of these individuals with the CESTEMER Speaker Spotlights Series, where we’ve asked presenters from CESTEMER 17 and CESTEMER 19 to answer a few questions about what excites them about our community and the intersection with their passions.

1.     What drew you to become involved with CESTEMER?


Literally: the CESTEMER mission.

I am always intrigued by the idea of a group of people from different areas gathered to co-create learning conditions, sharing experiences and overcoming problems. In the contemporary world, where individualism increases, where people do not look to another, do not laugh together, it is refreshing to find a conference that seems to bring different people with differences, but with a similar goal: move forward together, in collaboration and building new alternative for critically perform in the world.

Another reason:

I live similar situation in my Brazilian research group called ‘Language in Activities in School Contexts’ (Linguagem e Atividade em Contexto Escolar – LACE), for participating in two projects: The Digitmed Program and the “Bate-papo com Café” (Conversation Café Brazil). As educators, we have walked together to create in education new possibilities for resistance and expansion of life experiences. We do this in collaboration with students and teachers from public and private schools, with people of different ages, from different social and academic conditions, with deaf and immigrants. So, to find the CESTEMER, I was with immense desire to share my experiences, to know the experiences of many different people and live new experience at this conference!

2. What are you most excited about experiencing at CESTEMER in June?

The whole CESTEMER makes me excited!

I look forward to cultivating and learning the inclusive and collaborative alternatives of the different people who will be there, I’m anxious to build relationships to advance my performance in the world. I have the feeling that CESTEMER will be a great change in my life as a person, teacher, and researcher! So let’s become together!

3. What are some ways people can get connected to you and your work?

Here are some ways to connect to me:

e-mail: vivinice@gmail.com




To connect to my work and my research group, I recommend the paper:


Finally, I send a video to make you curious about my interactive session!

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